How to maintain your garden in the hot summer months

You worked so hard before you could nurture your garden ti where it currently is and you want it to last throughout the hot summer months, after all, you enjoy it during these months too. The process of keeping your garden healthy, strong and hydrated can however be a difficult one, however, it is possible and there are different ways by which you can keep the plants cool and properly hydrated. When the sun is beaming down, you can provide your garden protection by making sure the available moisture and shade are adequate. The following include certain tips that will aid maintaining your garden during the hot summer months. 

Improve soil quality

Every garden needs good soil at all times and weather conditions, especially when the latter is hot and dry. One way you can keep your soil in good quality is to ad organic matter to it. For this reason, when you plant, you should add some compost or soil improver as they can help to enhance the wettability and water holding capacity if your soil. This will also aid the transfer of nutrients to your plants. Organic mater also creates a healthy home that will permit the growth and thriving of microbes and other beneficial organisms such as worms. This helps to keep the soil heathy and protect the root system from pests and diseases that may want to afflict it. 

You could also mulch your garden properly. You can use dakr pebbles, straws or other ground covers in mulching as they will help you to keep water from the plants from evaporating as a result of the heat, thereby keeping the roots cooler. 

Add Shades

If you have any plant that thrives better in the cooler weather, then you should knsfal some shade in order to get these cool plants through the summer. For instance, vegetables love the sun but not too much and this bit of shade will help them cope in hotter conditions. You should consider shades such as shade cloth, shade sail or tarpaulin in blocking direct sunlight. 

Ensure your garden is watered

Having a regular watering schedule is essential in keeping your garden lush and healthy during the summer months. You could employ a hose, sprinkler or irrigation system in keeping your garden watered. The best time to water your plants would be in the early morning as it provides time for the water to soak into the soil and reach the roots before the sun comes out and the water starts evaporating in the heat. You can also decide to water in the late afternoon or early evening as it provides the plants time to soak in the water before nightfall. 

You could install a sprinkler system or an irrigation system in order to make the process of watering easier. 

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